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i can explore

jessica timmons

orientation and mobility (O&M) and support worker

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Do you have a vision impairment or blindness ?

Would you like to be able to be more independent in your daily life and accessing your community?

Do you you have a bucket list of experiences you wish you could tick off, but don’t quite have the support to do it?

Do you have an NDIS plan and are Self Managed or have a Plan Manager?

I Can Explore provides Orientation and Mobility (O&M), and Support Worker services to people with blindness and low vision.

Orientation and Mobility (O&M) is a specialised service to build independence and life skills, whilst, Support Worker services provide assistance when needed, for participating in social and leisure experiences.

about jessica

Hello 🙂 I’m Jessica, Orientation and Mobility Specialist and Support Worker in Melbourne, Australia. I graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Orientation and Mobility in 2013. For the following 6 years, I gained invaluable experience working within a leading Low vision and blindness organisation, working with all ages groups, in a variety of metropolitan, rural environments, education settings, workplaces and aged care facilities.

Outside of work, I love to travel and explore anything new, a cafe, cuisine, market , a walk in the wilderness, shows, exhibitions, festivals ……almost anything really!

It became apparent to me, very quickly, that my freedom of choice of experiences where often fraught with barriers for friends and clientele seeking the same.

This naturally seemed unfair and the passion to provide the opportunity to access the same  experiences became a necessity, and services needed to be provided with a holistic approach to peoples lives.

In 2018 I decided to embark on bold risk, and branched out as an independent practitioner. Combining Orientation and Mobility and Support Worker services.
Choosing I Can Explore as a business name was created to empowering people to put themselves first I Can and to encourage further independence and curiosity to Explore their local community, city and beyond.
I enjoy providing a safe space for people to freely explore their personal interests, by enhancing independence and expanding social connections.
Generating greater participation of people in the community, will increase the necessity of accessibility in our city.
To expand on my knowledge of equitable dignified access for all, I completed the Diploma of Access Consulting in 2020, with the future scope, to provide businesses and organisations with the knowledge of how to create and provide more accessible spaces. 


I Can Explore provides the empowerment for people to choose how they want to explore.

Orientation and Mobility, or Support Worker services, can be provided as individual services or combined.

Services are tailored to the individual’s personal needs as a 1:1 service, or up to 1:3 depending on the activity and support required. An additional support worker may be required.

Prices are based on current NDIS guidelines for participants who are self-managed or have a Plan Manager.

orientation and mobility (O&M)

I Can Explore provides training to individuals with low vision and blindness.

We provide a holistic and realistic training and experiences for people to enhance their personal independence and to safely and freely explore their surrounds.

O&M skill based training:

  • Building independent capacity skills to navigate the community.
  • Orientation training with or without a mobility aid.
  • Mobility Aid (White Cane) Assessment, prescription and training.
  • Independent travel skills for existing and new environments or travel routes.
  • Using and navigating Public Transport.
  • Problem solving skills
  • Navigating and Safety skills for road crossings.
  • Spatial and body awareness.
  • Concept development skills.
  • Using secondary mobility aids to support independent travel.
  • Using App Technology to support way finding.
  • Interpreting and use of Tactile Maps using Swell Paper, Lego, magnet boards or wikki sticks.
  • Applying tactile markers to assist orientation to devices, equipment or organisation in the home.
  • Increasing community engagement and self-advocacy.
  • NDIS Pre Planning Support, Outcome reports.
  • Understanding vision conditions and changing environments.
  • Awareness training on accessibility, simulation experiences for businesses, family and friends.
  • Orientation and Mobility services is not limited to vision conditions and can be adapted to suit disabilities that require skills to access the community, to find out how, please get in touch to discuss further.

support workers

At I Can Explore we smile from ear to ear, watching other people smile. Especially, after someone says, “I’ve always wanted to do that!”, “Well, that was fun!”, “ Ticked that one off the bucket list!”. A support worker may assist a person to attend events, explore a new activity, venturing somewhere unknown, trying a new cuisine, reaching a goal to increase health and wellbeing, completing that To Do List around the home, or simply sharing experiences with like minded friends.

I Can Explore has a 7 seater vehicle to be able to provide transport for small groups. Group ratio is based on a 1 support worker to 2 participants. Groups may have up to 3-4 support workers available. 

We provide a holistic and realistic training experiences for people to enhance their personal independence and safely and freely explore their surrounds.

I Can Explore extends beyond the individual and flows into society, by means of educating and raising awareness of the needs for greater inclusion and accessibility for all.

Young woman crouched, smiling, patting guide dog off harness in open landscape.
Two women seated with mobility aids in dark grey wooden structure at NGV.
Mother demonstrates braille signage to child.
Two women sitting in stone bathing pool with small waterfall.


“Jess is always such a joy to work with. As an orientation and mobility specialist, I never feel like I’m learning via a textbook method when working with Jess. She teaches me based on my strengths and I always feel like we work as a team.

As a support worker, Jess is kind of like Bear Grills – a life hacker and problem solver, she can always find solutions to help me maximise my independence. Who would have thought that a coffee machine would make the perfect tripod for an iPhone!

I appreciate the flexibility Jess offers – I can use a combination of support work and O&M in sessions if I want to.

I would highly recommend Jess – she is friendly, approachable and fun.”



” I initially needed a support worker to help access my daily needs, including grocery shopping, errands, and medical appointments.

Jess from I Can Explore has encouraged me to explore new experiences and create new interests that I never had access to before, such as the I Fly experience (awesome!), walking trails, art and museum exhibitions, and some of the great markets, cafes and eateries Greater Melbourne has to offer, just to name a few.

As my support worker Jess has both fulfilled these needs, and enabled me to re-engage with the community in a way I couldn’t have done without her, greatly improving my health and well-being.”

I highly recommend I Can Explore, and cannot thank Jess enough for all that she has done and continues to do for me.”



” I’m not a City-dwelling creature by nature. I live amongst the hustle and bustle for the sake of convenience as this makes mobility and everyday living much easier for me as a blind person. In my sighted days, I would drive into the beach every afternoon after work and go for a walk and/or a swim. These are things I had mostly cut out of my life because they aren’t that simple for me to enjoy independently.

I get very bored with flat walking paths and was up for some adventure.

We headed out to the Point Nepean Peninsula and did an amazing bushwalk which brought us out onto a secluded, but absolutely perfect beach. I was able to get rid of my cane, take off my shoes and socks and just go walking up the beach unaided.

we did a bit of climbing and scrambling over things as part of our hike as well. It was so much fun and I enjoyed every minute of it. This is what it feels like to be truly alive and I can’t recommend Jess from I Can Explore enough.”



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